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Add Historic Touches to New Home

What older homes lack in space they often make up for in charming details. Unfortunately, many suburbs outside of Metro Denver were developed in the post WWII era and these homes want for historic touches. No matter the age of your home, if you want a more vintage feel, it may be...
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5 Reasons to Install Custom Made Barn Doors

If your house was a burrito, custom made barn doors are the sour cream. Barn doors are stunning, well-made and not just for people who are building a new home from scratch.  If you are wavering between your run-of-the-mill doors and making the switch, we have five reasons why...
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Understanding Contractor Estimates

Castle Builds believes in our craftsmanship and ability to transform your dreams into a reality you can come home to every day. We also believe understanding estimates should not be difficult. We understand that homeowner and contractor relationships are not always harmonious....
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Build in More Space with Built-Ins that Work for Your Life

In the past, basements were considered an unused space. An area where dusty boxes and forgotten children’s toys collected and took up space. Now all that has changed and homeowners have an increased interest in remodeling built-ins. Homeowners can put this large expansive...
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Re-Design Your Kitchen to Maximize Efficiency

When there’s more than one person in your kitchen do you find yourself dodging from place to place like a human pinball? Does your kitchen have enough space for food preparation and appliance storage, not to mention ample room to entertain or do homework?Is it time to re-design...
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What are the Different Styles of Kitchens?

If you are contemplating a kitchen remodel, there’s a lot more you can do than just replace the cabinets and appliances. What kitchen styles will work for you? Your goal should be to end up with a post remodel kitchen that mirrors the way you WILL use it. Notice we used “how you...
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remodel a bathroom

5 things to consider before you remodel a bathroom

If you ignore the kitchen, remodeling a bathroom is one of the most fear-provoking rooms to overhaul in your home. The decision to remodel a bathroom may influence a future sale and could increase or lessen tensions between loved ones with intersecting schedules. Castle Builds...
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5 Things You Wish You Had in Your Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home. All your parties and gatherings start and end in the kitchen. It’s where you start your day and nourish your family. These 5 additions and upgrades during your kitchen remodel will increase the room’s feng shui and function....
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5 Best Neighborhoods in Denver to do a Basement Transition

Identifying 5 neighborhoods in Denver that are ripe for a basement transition was based on rankings: school and real estate and crime data, but also gleaned from Coloradoans who recognize a solid investment when they see it. Numbers preceded by a # indicates where the...
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add space to a home

3 Ways to Add Space to a Home

When you are not comfortable in your home, it actually can cost you money. This is because you will likely spend too much on activities and pursuits that keep you outside of your home. Oftentimes, homeowners link this desire to be out of the home to not having enough space. You...
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