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Mad About Mid-Century? How to Incorporate Mid-Century Modern Touches

Add Mid-century modern touches to your home Mid-century modern describes a type of architecture that sprang up in the post-war years and brought with it lots of light, dens, patio time, and open concept floor plans. Maybe when you hear “mid-century modern,” you envision the Brady...
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5 Reasons to Install Custom Made Barn Doors

If your house was a burrito, custom made barn doors are the sour cream. Barn doors are stunning, well-made and not just for people who are building a new home from scratch.  If you are wavering between your run-of-the-mill doors and making the switch, we have five reasons why...
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Build in More Space with Built-Ins that Work for Your Life

Do you see yourself in the following descriptions? You live in an older home, perhaps a 1960’s ranch.  If you have a basement, it is the kind of dark, dingy space befitting a low budget horror flick. You live in a 3 bedroom home but have one kid and many hobbies. Your third...
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