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Kitchen Pantry Solutions When Space is an Issue

Have you been on Pinterest or Houzz looking at kitchen pantries? If so, you’ve inevitably seen walk-in pantries, perfectly organized and brightly lit, that almost make the Joy of Cooking book sound like the most aptly named cookbook out there. Are you currently making do without...
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Are Dining Rooms Going the Way of the Dodo Bird?

Do you have a separate dining room? How often do you use it? Daily? Weekly? Or only a handful of times when family comes to dine for holiday meals? A distinct space for dining has persisted in homes throughout the last century, despite the fact that fewer families eat together at...
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5 Things You Wish You Had in Your Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home. All your parties and gatherings start and end in the kitchen. It’s where you start your day and nourish your family. These 5 additions and upgrades during your kitchen remodel will increase the room’s feng shui and function....
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Save Money, Maintain Your Vows, Update Your Kitchen

The year was 1991. A couple in a small mid-Western town, seemingly happily married, were arguing. The strife continued, day after day, for months. What crucial issue could cause this kind of turmoil? Money? Differing world views? The answer was wallpaper. After witnessing my...
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Tips for Planning a Kitchen Renovation

Is your kitchen so small that acrobatics are required for two people to be in there at the same time? Perhaps every time you walk in your kitchen you feel like you’ve traveled back through time? Maybe you’ve recently become a professional chef and would like your kitchen to...
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3 Design Trends to Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Kitchen spaces are constantly being updated to match different tastes and changes in peoples’ lifestyles. Much of what was popular in the 1980s and 1990s has fallen out popularity in today’s home renovations, specifically with kitchens. At the Castle Building Company, we are...
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Denver Bungalow Kitchen Remodels

In Denver there are many bungalow style homes. What they lack in space they certainly make up in charm. People love bungalow style homes, including myself, however they typically require some updating to fit modern tastes and lifestyle. The dilemma in performing a renovation on...
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How to Expand Your Kitchen without Adding to Your Home’s Footprint

Expanding your kitchen without adding on to your home Who hasn’t wanted a bigger kitchen? I think we have all been there. You’re chopping onions and can barely see where you’re cutting while your husband/wife/significant other is running around you tending to whatever is on the...
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